With the weather getting cooler in Canberra you might think about ways of keeping your outdoor living area warmer, so you can spend longer relaxing and entertaining outside. Installing outdoor blinds is one potential idea, which Outside Concepts can help you with, but what about when winter truly sets in. Is it time to head indoors? No way. It’s time to head to your local hardware store to look at options for outdoor heating in Canberra.

Essentially you have 3 main outdoor heating in Canberra options: Gas patio heaters, electric patio heaters and wood/coal heaters.

Gas patio heaters

The most common type available is the freestanding model that hooks to a gas bottle. These are relatively inexpensive although some models with extra features can set you back. The main negatives to these heaters are that they take up room and you need to keep replacing the gas bottle, which can get expensive. You can also purchase gas patio heaters that are installed on the ceiling or wall. These run off natural gas so need to be installed by a qualified person and are generally more expensive.

Electric patio heaters

Similar to gas patio heaters, you can get electric freestanding or ceiling/wall mounted electric patio heaters. In general, the freestanding heaters are cheaper, while the mounted versions are more expensive. You may also need to factor in the cost of installing an outdoor power point or having your electric heater hard-wired.

Wood and coal heaters

Coal and wood burning heaters are another popular choice that provide the added benefit of ambience as well as heat, although you need to constantly purchase and reload the wood or coal. Chimeneas, braziers and fire pits are common examples, but you might even consider a combustion wood heater or fireplace if you spend a lot of time in your outdoor living area.

Whichever option you choose for outdoor heating in Canberra, make sure you brave the elements to get outdoors more often.

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Outdoor heating in Canberra is a must to get more out of your outdoor living area