If there’s one thing the last week should have taught you, is that if you’re going to build a new verandah or other outdoor living area for your Bayside Melbourne home you need a roof. And when it comes to verandah roofs, it’s hard to go past Colorbond. The last week’s weather in Melbourne has seemingly had it all. Blistering sun, humidity, pouring rain, lightning, thunder and even the odd bit of hail. If you wanted to relax or entertain outside without a roof over your head, you’ve certainly had to brave the elements. Which is why having at least a partly roofed verandah is so important in Melbourne. It will protect you from the hot sun, rain and hail. It will also help protect your outdoor furniture and barbecue from the elements and particularly UV.

Colorbond and verandahs – as Aussie as it comes

If you’re building a new verandah for your Bayside Melbourne home, these days there are a lot of choices. Roof tiles, polycarbonate, insulated roofing panels and louvred roofs included. However, there’s one choice that’s perhaps more popular than any other. A roofing material that’s as Australian as meat pies and kangaroos and can be found on many Bayside Melbourne verandahs. Colorbond is an iconic name in Australian roofing, which boasts a storied history deeply rooted in innovation and durability. Originating in 1966, this revolutionary roofing material introduced a pioneering concept of fusing paint to galvanised steel. This eliminated the need for regular repainting while offering exceptional durability against Australia’s harsh climate. The introduction of Colorbond transformed the roofing landscape in Australia. Its popularity quickly grew and today you can find the product on around 50 per cent of Australian homes. Why has Colorbond become so popular and why is it a good choice for your Melbourne verandah?
  • When it was first produced, Colorbond came in six colours. Now, there are over 20 available, allowing homeowners to choose a colour that suits their home and architectural style.
  • It’s incredibly durable and resilient. It’s tough enough to endure in even the harshest of environments.
  • You can expect your new Colorbond roof to last for at least 30 years, but generally much longer.
  • Its sleek and stylish appearance adds a touch of elegance to any structure.
  • Colorbond eliminates the need for repainting, therefore reducing maintenance.

Is a Colorbond roof right for your Bayside Melbourne verandah?

Colorbond is a great product and it may adorn around half of homes, but is it right for your Bayside Melbourne verandah? One of the benefits of using Outside Concepts is that it’s your choice. When you call us on 1800 601 674, we’ll get your local branch manager – David Buntin in the case of Bayside Melbourne – to contact you for a no-obligation discussion and quote. You can choose whichever materials you like for your verandah roof. Plus, if you need advice, David will be able to offer his experienced opinion on the best choice for your home and your needs. Using Outside Concepts’ exclusive quoting system, for most verandahs David can even provide a design on-site, during the initial discussion. For more complicated structures, you’ll have a design within a day or two. To get the ball rolling on a new verandah for your Melbourne home, give us a call today. You can also submit a form on the Bayside Branch page.
Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

Blistering sun, torrential rain, wind and hail. A roof on your Melbourne verandah sure would have come in handy in the past week. Blistering sun, torrential rain, wind and hail. A roof on your Melbourne verandah sure would have come in handy in the past week.