The introduction of clear roofing sheets solved an age-old problem of how to have an economical roof for protection from the elements while still letting plenty of light in.

But, let’s face it, the first clear roofing sheets weren’t particularly good. They tended to break, split and tear quite easily. That is, until polycarbonate clear roofing sheets came along. Polycarbonate is a transparent and extremely durable and tough plastic that was used in the 1900’s, for applications such as telephone housing, bubble lights, kitchenware and electrical plugs. Polycarbonate roofing sheets were first introduced in the mid-1980’s and quickly became popular because of its high light transmission, excellent durability in all types of weather, strength and looks.

Clear roofing sheets popular and commonplace

Today, polycarbonate roofing material is even more popular. With a range of profiles and colour-shading, it’s used widely in outdoor structures to let light in, sometimes in combination with other roofing materials such as Colorbond. As well as being tough, today’s polycarbonate roofing provides protection from harmful UV rays, is fully recyclable, is suitable for high wind areas and can even survive large hail damage.

So if you’re building a new outdoor structure or replacing your existing roof, consider clear roofing sheets and polycarbonate roofing. Its benefits are clear!

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Clear roofing sheets are now popular and commonplace