If you’re in the market for a new pergola for your Melbourne home, if you’re like most people you’ll soon be typing “Melbourne pergola builder near me” into your favourite search engine. In fact, according to one online specialists, over 90% of people use a search engine to find local businesses and nearly 50% of all searches include local content.

Is it the right way to find the best Melbourne pergola builder, however? Does Google really have all the answers?

Do some pre-planning before searching online for Melbourne pergola builders

The answer is yes and no. Yes, searching online can be a great way of finding potential pergola builders that could be perfect for you. But you shouldn’t rely on search engines alone:

  • Before you start searching for a pergola builder, sit down and think about your specific needs.
  • Consider, for example, the ideal size for your pergola, where it will be located, whether it will be a simple, modern structure or something more elaborate, what materials you would prefer and most importantly your budget.
  • Not all advice is online. Word of mouth is a great way to find a reputable pergola builder. Reach out to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues who may have had pergolas designed and built for their Melbourne home. Their experiences and recommendations can be more valuable than a Google search.

Search online for a pergola builder near you, but keep these things in mind

After you’ve done some pre-planning and asked friends, family and others for their recommendations, by all means get on Google and search for “Melbourne pergola builder near me”. When looking through the results, keep these things in mind:

  • The sheer volume of search results can be overwhelming. Therefore it’s tempting just to look at the first few. Remember, however, that just because a company is at the top of the search results or in the top 10 it doesn’t mean they are the best. It simply means they’ve either spent more or worked harder to get to their position. So don’t discard potential builders just because they’re not in the top 10.
  • Shed pergola builders that aren’t near your location by looking at their branch or contact details. Melbourne’s a big city and it’s unlikely someone from Cranbourne will tackle a project in Brighton, for example.
  • Also discard those that don’t build the type of pergola you want. For example, some pergola builders only provide off-the-shelf pergolas and don’t customise. Some only build timber pergolas and not steel.
  • Once you’ve whittled your search down to a few or maybe several potential pergola builders, check their reviews, ratings and testimonials and look at their websites for images and information.
  • When you have a list of two or three, get them to visit to discuss your needs and provide a quote. Reputable pergola builders will also happily provide a no-obligation and free design, so you’ll know exactly what the result will look like. At this discussion you should also check things like the builder’s licenses and insurance.
  • Ultimately, choosing the right pergola builder is not just about credentials and quotes, it’s also about trust and compatibility. Select a builder who communicates effectively, understands your vision, and makes you feel confident in their ability to bring your Melbourne pergola project to life.

If you live in the Bayside area of Melbourne and would like a no-obligation discussion with Outside Concepts, your local branch owner is David Buntin. As well as discussing your requirements, David can provide a quote and a design on the spot. Plus, he can build any type of pergola you want, using any materials you require.

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Is searching online really the way to find the best Melbourne pergola builder for your project?

Is searching online really the way to find the best Melbourne pergola builder for your project?