If you’re considering building a Canberra carport for your home, there are several key decisions that will either make or break your project. So what are the key decisions and how do you make sure you get them right?

Considering a Canberra carport? Here are some tips from Outside Concepts:

  1. Think about where your Canberra carport will be located. The answer will greatly depend on your needs and your house block, but generally closer to the house is best. When you’re lugging groceries or luggage from the car, it pays to not have far to travel.
  2. Will your carport adjoin your home or be freestanding? Similar to the location, this will depend on your house and the land and both can be good choices. An adjoining carport will usually provide more protection from the elements.
  3. How big will your Canberra carport be? Think about your needs now and into the future. A single carport might be okay now but are you likely to want to make room for another car, trailer or caravan down the track?
  4. What style will you choose? You’ll want a carport that either matches or compliments your house, so look at your home’s features such as the roofline, design elements, materials and colours.
  5. What materials will you use? Timber for the structure looks great but requires maintenance, while steel and aluminium are generally more expensive but virtually maintenance free. For the roof, tiles, Colorbond and polycarbonate are all good potential options. If your are matching the carport to your home, the choices will be more obvious.
  6. Do you need council approval? It’s wise to check before you get very far into your considerations as different councils have different rules and regulations, which could affect factors such as where you can locate your carport, how large it can be and what materials you can choose.

Remember, also, that Outside Concepts can help you answer all these questions, and design and build a carport that you’ll be proud of and will perfectly meet your needs. So, if you’re after a hassle-free carport, the only decision you’ll need to make is when to give us a call!

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A Canberra carport, designed and built by Outside Concepts, will be a great investment for your home.