When many Australians build a new house, one of their key requirements is for higher ceilings. While it might seem almost too simple, adding a mere 10 to 20 centimetres of ceiling space can reduce the feeling of confinement that lower ceilings can bring, as well as increase feelings of freedom and happiness.

So if ceiling heights are so important on the inside of your house, what about the outside? Should you consider a higher roof when building a new outdoor living area?

The simple answer is yes. As well as the above benefits, a higher roofline in your outdoor living area will add extra light, as well as helping to keep your patio, pergola or verandah cooler in hot weather.

Extenda brackets for your outdoor living area

While there are several ways of creating a higher roofline on an outside structure adjoining a house, one of the simplest and most economical is to use a product called an extenda bracket.

Extenda brackets are specially designed steel brackets that essentially comprise three parts. One part connects to your existing house’s roof, which is sealed to ensure no leakage. The other part bolts on to your new outdoor living area roof. And the third part, a steel rod that comes in various lengths, connects the system together.

How high you want to lift the roofline is up to you and can be determined by the length of the steel rod and how high up your existing roofline you want to go. One thing is sure, your new outdoor living area roof will certainly be much higher than what you could achieve by securing to the fascia of your home.

The other good thing about using extenda brackets, rather than the fascia of your home, is that it will provide a stronger attachment. That’s because fascias are designed to hold the weight of gutters, spouting and eaves, and not necessarily the weight of a large roof.

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