Outside Concepts is a company with credibility and because of this, we only use quality materials.

Our company policy is never to compromise on our workmanship or the quality material standards we’ve set.

We only recommend and use quality first grade materials, and source these from wholesalers at competitive prices. Being a franchise organisation gives us significant buying power with companies which in turn saves you money.

Here at Outside Concepts we prefer BHP steel, trading as BlueScope Steel of which Colorbond and Lysaghts are licensed brands.

Using steel framing to build an outdoor living area offers several benefits. Steel spans long distances, is durable, economical and pretty much maintenance-free! It accepts a variety of finishes such as galvanising, powder coating and spray painting which makes it the perfect choice for many outside jobs.

At Outside Concepts we use roofing sheets made from BlueScope steel. These are rolled into various types of roof panels by companies such as Strammit, Stratco and Fielders. They produce a fantastic product—providing us with versatile, durable and affordable roofing solutions.

The corrugated roofing panel is the archetypal Australian building material and lends itself to both modern and traditional architecture. It comes in a variety of finishes and profiles and is built for our Australian conditions. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Our preferred aluminium supplier for aluminium is Capral. In partnership with them, Outside Concepts extrudes our own aluminium beams called Alu-beam. 

Alu-beam differs from other aluminium beams on the market as it is extruded in one piece without any external edges. This eliminates the chance of rust forming on exposed metal. For more information, read our pdf brochure.

Building in aluminium offers lots of advantages—it resists corrosion which makes it ideal for coastal construction and for use around swimming pools. Unlike steel which comes in a limited colour range, aluminium can be powder-coated to any colour. It can also be finished in different patterns and textures making it a fully customisable product.

The proportions of our Alu-beam offer a modern, streamlined aesthetic which, when teamed with polycarbonate twin-wall roofing results in open, uncluttered outdoor living spaces.

Outside Concepts uses a wide range of the best timbers for outdoor construction.

Australian hardwoods, treated timbers and controlled supply rainforest timbers are all available through your local branch to ensure your deck, pergola or outdoor project is built with the best.

Our native hardwoods offer variety of grain, richness in tone and colour, and are highlighted to perfection using one of the oil rich stains and finishes now on the market. Dense, durable and perfect for outdoor use Australian hardwoods require the know-how of Outside Concepts quality builders to ensure these timbers are used to their best advantage.

Outside Concepts can also supply composite decking timbers—modern, engineered decking boards made from waste wood material. Modwood, Ecowood Decking and TimberTech are the leaders in the industry. Modwood makes an excellent product called Flameshield which carries the bushfire rating of Bal-40, a first in the industry.

Composite decking is eco-friendly and offers the benefits of being available in set lengths ensuring you have long stretches of deck without joins. It’s mould resistant and requires almost no maintenance.

We have lots of information  on our blog about using timber outdoors—there’s a range of articles about timber species, durability and all sorts of maintenance tips.

We support a range of polycarbonate manufacturers such as Amperlite, Laserlite, Palram, and Danpalon.

Polycarbonate is one of our most popular roofing solutions and is an excellent choice when attaching a patio to the house where internal light might be diminished.

Polycarbonates offer close-to-nature outdoor living experiences by providing a range of tinted colours which effectively reduce solar radiation while maximising light transmission.

Want to know more—we’ve written several articles on polycarbonate on our blog.

Here at Outside Concepts we love Solarspan. Along with Versiclad these insulated roof panels come into their own in hotter climates.

High density polystyrene is sandwiched between Colorbond steel sheets to effectively provide roof, insulation and ceiling in one tidy panel. It’s a product that is unsurpassed when building a pergola, patio or covered deck as it significantly reduces heat transmission and condensation.

Read more about our use quality materials on our blog.

Outside Concepts can design and build your carport to suit roller door, panel lift door or a flexi door. There are many reputable manufacturers of these products on the market, Outside Concepts being abreast of major trends can supply and install a garage door to meet your needs and budget.

Panel lift doors are generally more expensive than the well-known roller door and offer greater versatility and aesthetic appeal. They are also generally stronger than a roller door being reinforced horizontally. Flexi doors are a hybrid of the two.

Have you seen our blog? We have lots of ideas that might help you in choosing your products and designs.

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