If spring isn’t just the current season but also a good way to describe how it feels to walk on your deck, there is more rot in your decking boards than a termite infested house, or you simply stare out the back door to where a deck could go, it’s time to stop dreaming and start planning for your new Sydney timber deck.

Here are our six key tips to plan for a new Sydney deck that will be the envy of the neighbours:

  1. A well kept timber deck is, let’s face it, downright sexy, unlike the first step you should take if planning to develop a new timber deck for your Sydney home. That’s right, it’s the dreaded council regulations. While some Sydney councils will let you build a deck without a permit, some won’t. This can also depend on the deck you’re building and the height above the ground. The key tip is to find out what your local council regulations are so you can start the planning process.
  2. One of the most important decisions when it comes to building a deck is which timber to choose for the decking boards. While many people often think of the rich red Merbau boards when thinking of timber decks, there are other options to choose from. These include several Australian hardwoods and, particularly if you’re on a budget, treated pine. While any decking boards will look good, a key tip is to look at the materials and colours used in the remainder of your home. For example, a classic look, if you have timber flooring inside, is to try to closely match the colour, to blend the inside and the outside.
  3. It’s a simple tip but perhaps the most important one when it comes to planning a new Sydney timber deck: make sure it will be big enough. This means not just allowing enough space for your furniture, barbecue and any other items, but also enough space to walk around. You may be restricted by the size of your block and you may have to get creative or even compromise a bit, so planning is the key.
  4. Even a simple square or rectangular timber deck can look great, but to elevate it even further, consider adding other elements. This might be as simple as sections that cut-in or out, or by adding timber screens. Or it might be a bit more elaborate by incorporating different levels or having seats, benches, a day bed or planter boxes integrated into your timber deck.
  5. Once your new Sydney timber deck is built, it’s not quite time to rest. A key tip to having a deck that looks great for many years – and in fact decades – is to maintain it well from day one. For treated pine timber you may decide to paint the deck and this will last for many years. Otherwise, you’ll need to use a decking oil or stain and this is something you should do every 12 months or so. Don’t worry, it’s a simple job that you can complete in a few hours for most decks and it will keep your deck looking like new.

Outside Concepts for your new Sydney timber deck

If you’d prefer to bypass these five key steps there is any easier way to get your new Sydney timber deck and that’s to organise Outside Concepts to do the job for you. Our Sydney North Branch is owned and managed by Brett Nitchke and he can look after everything, including the dreaded council approval.

Phone Outside Concepts today on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise a time for Brett to pop out and see you to discuss your decking dreams.

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

14 September 2020 OC blog alt
See our five key steps to plan for your new Sydney timber deck.