How to keep your Sydney timber deck happy!

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Whether you’ve just had your Sydney timber deck installed by Outside Concepts or it’s older than you’d care to admit, it will be as happy as the proverbial pig in mud if you give it some tender loving care. Better still, take the time to re-oil it in the approach to summer and it will reward you with many months of beauty!

  • You might ask how can a simple sweep help maintain a deck, but it can, particularly if you use a good, stiff broom. This will help remove any caked-on and hard to remove dirt, mud and other materials that can eventually penetrate the timber.
  • A good clean occasionally with water and detergent will keep your Sydney timber deck in good condition. For an even better result, use a commercial deck cleaning solution. Always give the deck a good wash after cleaning, with a high-pressure sprayer or garden hose. If you decking timber is old be careful with high-pressure sprayers as they can splinter wood.
  • Oiling your deck every year or two is a great way of keeping your deck healthy, not to mention great looking. It may sound like a big job but it’s not:
    • Start by giving your deck a good clean with a stiff broom.
    • Clean your deck with detergent or commercial deck cleaner.
    • Apply oil with an applicator, roller or large brush. Water-based decking oil is a great choice as it dries quickly.
    • Let dry and apply one or two more coats.

The result? Your Sydney timber deck will give you and your family years of use. Plus plenty of compliments from friends who visit for a bbq!

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Get your Sydney timber deck looking as good as this with a little maintenance


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