Winter is finally behind us and it won’t be long until Christmas songs start blaring on the radio and shopping centres, which means it’s time to organise a party in your Sydney home. Don’t entertain inside, however, host your party outside in your patio.

Tips for the perfect patio party in Sydney

Whether it’s a casual get together with a few family or friends, a birthday bash, an impromptu party where everyone’s invited or another special event, here’s some tips from our Outside Concepts Sydney North branch:

  • Start planning well in advance to ensure you have enough time to organise everything and nothing is forgotten. Even if you’re more of an impromptu party family, a bit of pre-planning can make the party more memorable and relaxing for you.
  • Consider setting a theme for your party to make it more interesting. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. A theme could simply be a ‘rustic picnic’, a ‘casual come-together’ or ‘sophisticated soiree’.
  • Uncomfortable or lack of furniture in your patio can really put a dampener on a party. Having a good set of outdoor furniture is a start. You could add to this with furniture from inside, bean bags, comfortable folding chairs and an assortment of outdoor cushions.
  • Most people won’t want to go home when the sun goes down. If your Sydney patio doesn’t have integrated lighting, set up string lights, lanterns and candles. They’ll create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • It can rain pretty much any time of the year in Sydney, so make sure you’re covered (pun intended) if the weather turns for the worse. A roof over your patio and outdoor blinds are excellent solutions, but awnings and large umbrellas will also do.
  • Plan a food and drinks menu that suits your theme and your guest’s dietary requirements. Cocktails and canapes for a sophisticated soiree? Beer and barbecue for a casual come-together? If you like cooking and preparing drinks then by all means go all out, but don’t be afraid to do easy to prepare meals and an esky full of drinks if you’d prefer to be doing more entertaining than sweating over a barbecue.
  • Put together a music playlist that suits your party’s theme and the tastes of your guests.
  • Outdoor games anyone? There’s nothing like a game of bocce, backyard cricket, celebrity heads or a scavenger hunt to get the party going. For safety’s sake, maybe give swinging at a pinata with a stick a miss!
  • Decorate your Sydney patio to match your theme or provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider accessories such as centrepieces, table runners, cushions, rugs and other outdoor-friendly décor for example.

Prepare for party season – even if it’s only a party for one – with a new Sydney patio

Preparing for a party is all well and good for those Sydney people who do have a patio, but not so good if you don’t. Or maybe you have a patio that has seen better days and needs replacing or updating.

Contact Brett Nitschke at Outside Concepts Sydney North branch to get the party (or the process) rolling. He’ll then organise a time to get together with you to discuss your needs and provide a free design and quote.

Where the party? At your house, in your Sydney patio, this summer, thanks to Outside Concepts.

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Host plenty of memorable parties in your Sydney patio with these tips from Outside Concepts.

Host plenty of memorable parties in your Sydney patio with these tips from Outside Concepts.