In Melbourne, as well as other parts of Australia, the scorching temperatures can pose a safety threat when in your car. While there are ways to help keep your car cool when driving and parked away from your house, when parked at home a Melbourne carport is the best way.

How to keep your car cool in summer

The RACV, Victoria’s peak auto body, has produced a terrific guide on how to keep your car cool in summer and stay safe.

When parked away from home, the RACV tips include:

  • Parking strategically, by looking for shaded parking spots.
  • Applying professional window tinting.
  • For a budget option, use reflective sunshades. You can use windshield reflectors and well as sunshades to cover the side windows.
  • Use covers on your seats and steering wheel.

When you’re driving in the heat:

  • Leave your windows slightly open.
  • Before entering your car, open and close the doors to allow hot air to escape.
  • Use your air conditioner to regulate temperatures.
  • If driving at low speeds, consider using your car’s ventilation system rather than the air conditioner to reduce the load on your car’s engine.
  • You can also use small, portable, clip-on fans to enhance air flow.
  • Monitor your car’s temperature gauge regularly and in modern cars watch and listen for any warning alarms.

 When parked at home, a Melbourne carport is the answer

When parked at home, you can also keep you and your car cool. But you don’t need tinting, sunshades, covers or air conditioning. You just need to design and build a carport for your Melbourne home.

A carport can help keep your car cooler. How much cooler? The interior of a shaded car can be 15 degrees or more cooler than one in the sun, so it’s a lot and can make a big difference on a scorching day.

A well-designed carport will not only lower the temperature of your car’s interior in sunny weather, but it will also provide protection from the elements. So, it will be an asset in every season.

Design and build a Melbourne carport in style

If you’re looking to add a new carport to your Melbourne home, you don’t want it to just be practical and keep your car cool. You also want it to look great and add style to your home. Just like the carports pictured on this page, built by Kose and his team from our Outside Concepts Northern and Western Melbourne branch.

Phone Outside Concepts on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise an initial discussion. During this discussion and brainstorming session, Kose will explain all your options and assist you in making informed decisions regarding all aspects of your carport. At the end, he’ll provide a design and detailed quote and then let you decide.

Keep your cool by organising an initial discussion with Kose today. Your new carport is a phone call away!

Find out about Outside Concepts’ 10-year structural warranty. Call us on 1800 601 674.

There are many ways of keeping your car cooler, including adding a new Melbourne carport to your home.
There are many ways of keeping your car cooler, including adding a new Melbourne carport to your home.