Not matter what state or city you live in, if you’re searching for pergola builders it can be confusing. This is perhaps even more so in Melbourne, where there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of pergola builders, eager to win your project.

How do you choose the best pergola builder for your new dream outdoor space?

10 tips to choosing a pergola builder in Melbourne

  1. Look for a pergola builder in Melbourne with a proven track record and extensive experience. A seasoned builder brings construction skills and a wealth of knowledge and advice.
  2. Ask to view a pergola builder’s portfolio to get an idea of the diversity and quality of their previous pergola projects. Request references or testimonials from past clients to gain insights into their satisfaction and the builder’s reliability.
  3. Choose a builder familiar with Melbourne’s unique climate, environment and architectural styles. A builder with local knowledge understands the challenges posed by weather conditions and can recommend materials and designs suitable for the region. In addition, they’ll have a good understanding of pergola trends in your area. Plus, they’ll have the ability to navigate local regulations, ensuring your pergola complies with all necessary planning needs.
  4. While it may cost a little more, it almost always pays to choose a pergola builder who offers full customisation, so that your outdoor area can be tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you want a classic design or a more contemporary look, the builder will be able to accommodate your vision.
  5. Ask about the materials the builder uses and recommends for pergola construction. Quality materials contribute to the durability and resilience of the structure, ensuring it withstands Melbourne’s diverse weather. A reputable builder will be transparent about the materials they use.
  6. When talking to pergola builders, get a feel for their knowledge, communication, transparency and honesty. A ‘salesperson’ will promise you anything you want and then often fail to deliver. A good builder will communicate well and be transparent about costs, timelines and any potential challenges. A builder who keeps you informed and addresses your concerns promptly will contribute to a smoother construction process.
  7. A reliable Melbourne pergola builder stands behind their work with a comprehensive warranty. Inquire about the warranty period and the builder’s after-sales service. Knowing that the builder is committed to the long-term satisfaction of their clients adds an extra layer of assurance.
  8. Obtain detailed quotes from two or three builders to compare costs and services. Be wary of significantly lower prices, as they may indicate compromised quality. A reputable builder will provide a transparent breakdown of costs, helping you make an informed decision based on your budget.
  9. Ensure the pergola builder is appropriately licensed and insured. A valid license demonstrates that the builder has met the necessary regulatory requirements, while insurance protects you and the builder in case of accidents or damages during construction.
  10. Discuss the expected timeline for your pergola project and evaluate the builder’s ability to adhere to deadlines. A realistic and well-planned schedule ensures that your outdoor space is ready for use within the agreed-upon timeframe.

10 reasons to choose Outside Concepts as your Melbourne pergola builder

Outside Concepts is a franchise system, which means all our branches are owned and operated by local experts. If you live in the northern or eastern parts of Melbourne, your local professional is Ron Matz and his team from our North Eastern branch.

Briefly, here is why Ron’s team is the best to bring your Melbourne pergola dream to reality:

  1. He has significant experience in building carports, patios, verandahs, decks and pergolas in the Melbourne area.
  2. He can provide a portfolio of past projects, which includes a diverse range of pergolas.
  3. Ron’s a local and understands the area and its intricacies well. He has an excellent understanding of local planning regulations.
  4. Like other Outside Concepts branches, Ron provides a full customisation service.
  5. Outside Concepts never compromises on workmanship or the quality of materials.
  6. When you meet with Ron, you’ll soon understand that he’s not a salesperson. He’s a builder who takes great pride in working with clients to deliver the projects they dream about.
  7. Outside Concepts has a 10-year structural guarantee on everything we build.
  8. We will provide a detailed quote and design after we meet with you. Our quote includes a fixed price guarantee. We will not be beaten on any comparable written quote.
  9. We are licenced in each state that we operate in and carry $20 million in public liability insurance, for your peace of mind.
  10. We will happily discuss timelines for your project and then go above and beyond to meet agreed deadlines. In our experience, local planning can take several weeks and sometimes longer to organise. After that, most pergola projects can be completed within a few days.

Contact Outside Concepts today or submit a contact form our North Eastern Melbourne branch page today.

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Choosing pergola builders in Melbourne – or anywhere for that matter – can be confusing. Outside Concepts makes it easy.
Choosing pergola builders in Melbourne – or anywhere for that matter – can be confusing. Outside Concepts makes it easy.