It’s a scary bit of research that is well worth remembering in the lead up to summer and well worth remembering if you’re thinking of building a new carport!

Research shows that on a hot day, the temperature inside a car that’s in the sun can be upwards of 30 degrees hotter than the ambient temperature. So, on a 30-degree day, the inside of your car could be 60 degrees or even more. On a 40-degree day, your car could be as hot as an oven on low.

That’s certainly scary and why children and pets should never be left in cars on even warm days. If you need a further reminder on the dangers of leaving children in a car, take a look at this alarming video and website. It shows that in even 15-minutes, a child in a hot car can suffer life-threatening brain or kidney injuries.

A carport is the answer

If you’ve ever hopped in your car on a hot day you’ll know just how hot your car can get. And while you can’t always avoid parking in the sun, you can certainly do something about the heat at home.

A carport is the answer.

A well-designed and built carport (they’re the only ones that Outside Concepts produce!) will help you beat the heat this summer. The roof will obviously keep the sun off your car during the middle parts of the day – when the sun is the hottest. Depending on the position and direction you want to locate your carport, you might also consider adding sides, a back or a roller door. Another alternative for the back and sides of a carport is outdoor blinds, which will give you the flexibility to raise and lower whenever you want.

Of course, a carport isn’t just handy for keeping the heat off your car. It will protect your car – and you and your family – in all seasons, making a new carport an investment you’ll appreciate all-year-round.

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A carport to keep you and your car cool will be a great investment for the coming summer.