One of the key requirements for many householders these days – whether they live in Brisbane or Bundaberg – is higher ceilings. This applies to a verandah outside as much as it does to a living area inside.

But how do you get more height into your verandah? Don’t worry, there is a way or, more correctly, several ways. And Outside Concepts can show you how.

Raising verandah heights

Why do we want higher ceilings in the first place?

Apart from the obvious fact that higher ceilings do mean more space, there’s plenty of psychology going on. Generally, we like high ceilings because we associate them with grandness and luxury. They also evoke feelings of freedom.

All well and good, but if you’re building a new flat roof verandah and you use your Brisbane home’s facia as the attachment point, it is going to be relatively low. Here are some options to consider to increase the space:

  • Use extenda brackets. These clever brackets attach to our roof’s beams, above the facia. They provide a strong waterproof attachment for your verandah. You can easily add 30 centimetres and more of height to your Brisbane verandah using extenda brackets.
  • Choose another roof style other than a flat roof. By using, for example, a gable style roof, you’ll gain plenty of space underneath your verandah.
  • Another roof style that’s worth considering is the butterfly roof. In simple terms, this will involve adding a flat roof verandah that slopes up and away from your home, rather than down.
  • You could also consider a curve roof. Like the butterfly roof, it has the added advantage of providing a unique look that you don’t see on a lot of homes.
  • Use polycarbonate sheeting for the roofing material, across the whole of your roof or at least part. While polycarbonate won’t add any physical space, it does help add the perception of more space. It’s also perfect for verandahs that can get a bit dark.

Contact Outside Concepts South Brisbane for more ideas

Whether your issue is verandah height or something else, or you have a straightforward project, Outside Concepts South Brisbane can help. As well as designing and building the best outdoor structures, we can help with all the advice you need to get the verandah, patio, pergola, carport or deck of your dreams.

NOTE: Incidentally, higher ceilings aren’t always better. They can sometimes be intimidating in a business environment and low ceilings have been found to stimulate decision making. In a residential situation, therefore, you might prefer higher ceilings in much of your home to evoke the feelings of space, luxury and freedom. While in a home office it may be better to have low ceilings.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

Looking for a new verandah for your Brisbane home that’s going to reach new heights? Outside Concepts are your perfect partners.
Looking for a new verandah for your Brisbane home that’s going to reach new heights? Outside Concepts are your perfect partners.