Perfect is perhaps an overused word. After all, can you really achieve perfection in many aspects of your life? We certainly won’t try to answer that question – we’re just humble pergola builders after all and not psychologists – but we can help you build the perfect pergola for your Brisbane home.

Here are our tips for creating a Brisbane pergola that’s picture-perfect and practical. These tips are brought to you by our North Brisbane branch, which services all suburbs north of the Brisbane River.

9 steps to the perfect Brisbane pergola

1: Define Your Purpose and Vision

Before you start, determine how you plan to use your pergola. Are you looking for a shady retreat for reading and relaxation? Do you want a space for outdoor dining and entertaining? Understanding your purpose will guide you through the next steps.

2: Choose the Right Location

Selecting the ideal location for your pergola is crucial. Consider factors like sun exposure, views, proximity to the house, and the landscape’s natural flow. It should complement your home’s architecture while offering functionality. Unlike patios and verandahs, pergolas are often freestanding, so you’re less restricted about where to place your outdoor living space.

3: Design, Style and Size

Pergolas come in various styles, from classic to modern. Choose a design that harmonises with your home’s aesthetics. Traditional pergolas often feature wooden beams and lattice roofs, while modern designs often incorporate sleek lines and significant use of metal and other materials. Also decide on the size pergola you need, to cater for your intended uses.

4: Select the Material

Traditionally, pergolas were constructed entirely from timber, but that’s all changed. While timber is still an option, today’s pergolas feature a wider variety of materials, like steel, polycarbonate roofing and tiles. Choose a material that aligns with your vision and your home’s design and materials.

5: Plan the Roof

While some pergolas have open roofs to allow filtered sunlight, others feature roofs for more shade and protection. These days you can even choose from more flexible options such as retractable or louvre roofs.

6: Add Lighting and Accessories

If you really want to jazz up your Brisbane pergola, accessorise it! To create the perfect ambiance and for practicality, lighting is a great idea. You can also add elements like garden furniture, outdoor cushions, throws and rugs, heating and more.

7: Incorporate Greenery

Traditionally, pergolas always featured greenery. Usually a grapevine that provided shade in summer and let the sun shine through in winter. These days while climbing plants are still popular, there’s more to choose from including hanging plants, vertical gardens and pots. Just make sure you include some form of greenery in or around your pergola as it helps to make the space more comfortable and inviting.

8: Obtain Approval

Most pergolas will require council approval before construction begins, so get onto this quickly if you’re ready to move ahead.

9: Hire a Professional

It may be number nine, but it should come first – get a professional to help you decide and build a pergola. They may even organise council approval for you. Do all pergola builders in Brisbane do this? No, but Outside Concepts does. It’s one of the ways that Outside Concepts is simply better.

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Will your Brisbane pergola builder organise council approval for you? Outside Concepts can.
Will your Brisbane pergola builder organise council approval for you? Outside Concepts can.