One of the most difficult decisions to make for most people when designing a new patio for their Sydney home is whether to have a roof or not.

The case for a roof is obvious. Without one, you’ll have to move inside when it rains. Even in nice weather the direct sun can make you run for cover. The case for sans-roof can also be compelling, as there is nothing nicer than sitting outside on a comfortable day with the sun on your head and the breeze in your hair.

One solution to the puzzling question on whether to add a roof to your Sydney patio is essentially to do both. Roof part of your patio while leaving a section without cover. However, there are other options which are becoming increasingly popular due their flexibility and style.

Sydney patio with flexibility

One solution is an operable roof, or a roof with louvres that open and close.

If it’s about to rain or the sun is blisteringly hot, you can close the louvres and your Sydney patio is shut off from the elements. When the weather is fine, you can open the louvres and let the sun and elements shine in.

Here are the main features if you’re considering an operable roof for your Sydney patio:

  • The louvres can be operated (opened, shut and adjusted to any position within 180 degrees) by hand. However, most people choose the motorised option for convenience.
  • Different styles can be chosen to suit your Sydney home.
  • In addition, different colours and finishes are available to match or complement existing colours in your home.
  • Some operable roofs are even smart home compatible.

In summary, they are perfect for Sydney’s sometimes unpredictable weather!

Other roofing options

There are other options to consider if you are building a new Sydney patio and want roofing flexibility. For example:

  • You can also get a roof that retracts and stacks, much like a bi-fold door system. These can be louvered as well, giving you maximum flexibility.
  • For a more economical option, consider an extendable awning. Like the louvred roofs, these can be operated by hand or motorised and come in a range of styles and colours. One of the big advantages of extendable awnings is that they often don’t require council approval, which reduces the costs even further and shortens the installation timeframe.

Think Outside Concepts for your Sydney patio

While you ponder the decision on how to roof – or not roof – your Sydney patio, here’s another question to consider. Who will you choose to design and build your patio?

Decision made if you live in Sydney’s northern suburbs. Simply contact Brett Nitschke from Outside Concepts Sydney North branch. He’ll run you through all the options and provide all the right advice to choose the option that’s best for you.

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Should you put a roof on your new Sydney patio? Why choose? These days, there are options which mean you can have both.

Should you put a roof on your new Sydney patio? Why choose? These days, there are options which mean you can have both.