If you’re considering building a new carport for your Sydney home, you’ve perhaps considered things like how large the carport should be and where you want it located on your block. But have you decided what materials you should use, in particular what you’ll place on the roof?

While there are several excellent choices – such as Colorbond and polycarbonate sheeting – if there is one material that is the most popular in the Sydney market it would be tiles. This is predominantly because tiles are also a popular choice for house roofs and, as we’ve said many times in our blogs, one of the keys to good outdoor structure design is to match or complement the home.

There are other good reasons to consider tiles for your new Sydney carport, however.
These include:

  • Tiles won’t rust, warp or corrode. This makes them ideal in any area, but particularly areas that can receive sea spray.
  • While generally strong, if you do break a tile or a tile cracks you can easily replace it without much cost.
  • Tiles are impervious to frost and ice.
  • They provide good noise and thermal insulation
  • If you need to modify your Sydney carport roof at a later day, for example to fit a skylight or even to extend, it’s an easy job.
  • Tiles are rainwater and tank safe

Most of all, however, tiles just look great. They will give your new Sydney carport a visual presence and street appeal. This mightn’t help
protect your cars – although tiles will do a great job of that too – but it will help you have the best looking carport in the street!

Tiles are not the only key to a wow factor Sydney carport

Choosing tiles can help provide a Sydney carport with wow factor but it’s not the only key.

Take a look at the images on this page of two carports built by our Sydney North branch manager Brett Nitschke and
his team. They show aspects that have been chosen carefully to complement or
match the home, including:

  • The choice of roof style (e.g. gable, hip, flat).
  • The choice of colour, not just for the tiles but also other parts of the Sydney carports.
  • The choice of the roof tile itself.
  • The use of other features used in the house.

Choose Outside Concepts for your new Sydney carport

If you live in Sydney’s North (e.g. Northern Beaches, Ku-ring-gai and Willoughby council areas) you’ll be in safe hands if you choose Brett and his team to design and build your new carport. Because, while they can tackle any project, they specialize in high-end work, including tiled-roof carports.

You can see more examples of some of the projects that Brett has built on his branch page and contact him by submitting the
contact form on his page. Otherwise, give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 and we’ll organise a day and time for him to visit to provide a free quote.

From concept to clean up, you can rely on us. Give Outside Concepts a call on 1800 601 674 to organise a free quote.

A new Sydney carport featuring roof tiles will give your home the wow factor.

A new Sydney carport featuring roof tiles will give your home the wow factor.