Carport BrisbaneRebuilding or repairing your Brisbane carport

Many Brisbane residents are facing the difficult task of rebuilding and repairing their houses, flats and units after the recent floods, and this includes outside structures such as carports.

So where should you start?

  • One of the first things to do if you’re faced with a carport that needs repairing or rebuilding in Brisbane is to clean up. For a rebuild, start at the top by removing roofing materials and work your way down. For repairs, systematically check your Brisbane carport, looking for sections that need to be repaired. Remove materials from these sections – roofing, wall cladding, etc – so further inspections can take place.
  • Electrical items and plumbing will also need to be checked if you have these incorporated into your Brisbane carport. For these services, Outside Concepts recommends using only qualified and licensed tradespeople. If you’re carport is built using timber, it may also be a good idea to have a professional pest controller check for termites, as wet and rotting timber can be an attraction for termites.
  • The structural integrity of your Brisbane carport is another important factor to investigate, particularly if it has sustained any damage from winds or impacts with debris. Again you may need a licensed professional to do the job and Outside Concepts can help with this task.

Finally, when you are ready to rebuild or repair your Brisbane carport, make sure you only use licensed professionals such as Outside Concepts. We’re licensed, experienced and highly trained, plus reliable and friendly. We can help you rebuild and repair your outside structures so you can get on with enjoying outdoor entertaining and relaxing again.

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