You’re thinking of designing and building a new carport for your home. Great decision, as a carport will not only do a great job of protecting your vehicles, it will also add value to your property. But what style of carport are you going to build and how might this affect the value-add of the project?

Carport styles

A key part of your carport style decision will be the type of roofline that you choose. Here are the most common ones:

Gable roof carport – A gable roof is the classic and perhaps most common form of roofline. A simple gable roof features two roof sections on the sides of the carport that meet in the middle, forming a triangle on the ends.

Hip roof  – This type of roofline on a carport is easily distinguishable by all sections of the roof sloping up from walls (sides and ends) to meet at a ridge. These rooflines are very common on carports, homes and other structures.

Dutch gable – A hip roof with a gable section at the top. While requiring extra work – and therefore costing a bit more – a Dutch gable roofline can add a lot of style to a carport.

Flat roof carport – In the past, carports with flat roofs were generally a budget choice, but not any more. You’ll often find flat roof carports alongside many modern homes and they may feature boxed in sections that hold gutters, downpipes and electrical cabling (like the one pictured in this post).

Other carport rooflines and considerations – Other roofline choices include lean-to, open gable, bullnose, butterfly and even curved. You’ll also need to consider what materials you use in your new carport, such as timber, metal, tiles, brick and rendering.

What carport style should you choose?

The style of carport and materials you choose will depend on your home and surrounds. A modern, flat roof, rendered carport may look great in an urban area alongside a modern-style home, but less so in a country town where federation-style abounds. Here, a bullnose, gable, or Dutch gable carport may work best.

Take inspiration from your home and the types of homes and structures in your street, and you’ll be well on your way to building a carport that really adds style. And this will ensure that you add maximum value for your investment dollar.

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The best style to choose for your carport will depend on the your home and the types of homes and structures in your street.