If there were a style that is hot, trending and so-2017 when it comes to outdoor structures, then the modern look would have to be it. So if you live in Brisbane, are thinking of building a new carport and want the modern look, then a rendered Brisbane carport is definitely worth the look.

A rendered carport is not only modern, it’s clean, sleek and adds a wow factor. The clean style is achieved by ‘hiding’ elements such as guttering, downpipes and electrical wiring inside the rendered section. This is further accentuated by the addition of a plaster ceiling with downlights that is not just practical in the dark, it also adds aesthetic value to the carport.

A rendered Brisbane carport is achieved by installing boxed-in frames around the carport’s structural posts and beams. These frames are then covered with blueboard sheets and rendered. The rendering can then be painted in whatever colour you choose. We’d recommend the same colour as your house or a colour that complements you home.

Another great feature of a rendered carport is that the boxing creates hiding spaces for guttering, downpipes and electrical wiring, further accentuating the clean, stylish look. All these elements can be included in a rendered carport but, when finished, you wouldn’t have a clue they are there.

What if your Brisbane house isn’t modern or contemporary, you might ask, but you love the look of a rendered carport? We often mention in our Outside Concepts blogs that a simple design tip is to match the style of your outdoor structure – whether it’s a new carport, patio or verandah – to your existing house. But rest assured, a rendered carport will look good with many different styles of houses. You can even add some trims if you wish – similar to the carport in the main image – to add older-style elements to the carport and further complement your home.

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A rendered Brisbane carport will provide the much sought after and trending modern look.