If you’re considering building a new patio for your Sydney home and really want to raise the standards, we’ve got the tips to get you on your way. The tips to raise the height, increase the space and intensify the natural light, all with one simple but important change.

Elevating your roof and patio

When it comes to adding a roof to your Sydney patio and connecting it to your house, there is a conventional approach, however, the conventional approach isn’t always the best.

The fascia, typically the spot where your gutter finds its home, might seem like a natural fit for patios, pergolas, verandahs and carports. But here’s the twist – it’s s not always the best fit. Why? Because fascias are designed to bear the weight of gutters, spouting, and eaves, not necessarily the substantial load of a larger roof.

While there are ways around this – which essentially ensures the weight of the patio roof is supported by the home’s structure and not the fascia – it’s not the only issue. Having the patio roof at the same height as the fascia can result in a low roof. It can make your patio feel cramped, as well as reducing natural light and ventilation.

A better way is to use extension brackets to raise the roof of your Sydney patio above the height of the fascia.

There are several methods. Perhaps the most common is called a roof extenda bracket. These specialised steel brackets bolt onto the roof structure of your home, creating a robust foundation for your patio roof. They come in various lengths, so you can raise your patio roof to the height you desire. A weather seal and sealant ensure a waterproof seal for your home’s roof.

For patios or any outdoor living area, the results are amazing. Instead of a cramped space, you’ll have a patio area that feel spacious, light and airy. It will make your relaxation and entertainment time in your Sydney patio even more enjoyable.

Patio decision time

To raise – or not raise – your patio roof is only one of the key decisions you’ll need to make when considering building a new patio. The best placement, the roof style, the materials to use, the colours and other decisions also need to be made. Not to mention navigating Sydney’s local council planning laws.

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